Brandon McKenzie: The Protector by Anjeanette Porter

Sylvia Johnson finds herself on an island, without her friends and family. She remembers a storm and her father’s yacht tipping over but that is pretty much it. Sylvia knows her family is somewhere on this island but she is too weak to find them, so she passes out in a cornfield only to awaken in a strange man’s bed.

Brandon McKenzie is livid, his brother brought the enemy into his home and expects him to watch over her. Brandon is a US agent, living on the island doing undercover work. Sylvia will be the key to his investigation, but she will also hold the key to his heart.

Sylvia and Brandon begin the search for her friends and family while being hunted themselves. Sylvia is seen as a threat to the islanders and is to be eliminated, but Brandon vows that she will return home safely, he has no idea why but he finds himself unable to keep from falling in love with her.

Brandon McKenzie: The Protector by Anjeanette Porter is your typical damsel in distress love story, but Sylvia Johnson is a feisty little damsel. The story for me was a little hard to get into, and there were numerous spelling errors and wrong word usage, with a little tidying up and a good editor, this novel would be a nice relaxing read. Ms. Porter’s story was heart-warming and her characters had such personality, it brought them to life.
3 Hearts

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